Human Beings: Timber and Our Food

There is an undeniable link between human beings and trees; we need them to breathe. Trees, also, provided timber, which for millennia has given us building materials for our homes and other structures. Humankind has fashioned furniture out of wood to furnish our homes. We like to have wood close to us, in preference, to other materials, I would posit. You can see that in the symbiotic relationship between timber and our food. Craftsmen fashioned tables out of wood and chairs, too. We sit down at these tables to eat our important meals. Many of us like to feel that wooden surface beneath our hands – it is a tactile experience.

Human Beings: Timber and Our Food

There are also plenty of wooden kitchens, where the cabinets, floor and bench tops are all made of beautiful timber. People like to be around wood when they are preparing food. It is a sensual surface material and cooking is a sensual experience. Touch becomes very important when we are preparing food. A good chef must have good hands – sensitive hands and nimble fingers. When we are in the kitchen we are transported back in time, despite the white goods and modern appliances, the heart of cooking is in our ancient past.

The mortar and pestle is a technology developed in the Stone Age, cooking over a fire is the basis for all modern stoves and ovens – the important elements involved in cooking and the kitchen have been in place for a very long time. Hunter gatherers sitting down together to eat a shared meal prepared in basically the same way we still do things today. Cooking links us with our original ancestors – it is not a Digital Age pursuit. We live inside our heads, to all intents and purposes today – it is often hard for some people to find their way back to their senses.

You might find plenty of recipes on the web, but real cooking happens in the hands, smelling the aromas, tasting the flavours and listening to the sounds of cooking. Human beings: Timber and food go together as part of that sensory equation, if you like. We prefer to cook in timber kitchens and to eat at wooden tables – because they echo our relationship with touch. Touching trees and feeling the interconnectedness of all the important things on this planet we live on. Stroke a fine piece of wood today and see how it makes you feel.


Importance of Corporate Health and Wellness for Farmworkers in the Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is infamous for being one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. Farmers and people working in this field are facing high risks of injuries every day. There is also a sense of irony here because these valuable people who are responsible for ensuring the sufficiency of the world’s food supply, have little or no access to health care and experience poor diet and impoverished health statuses. This is the main reason why corporations employing hundreds to thousands of workers in agricultural farms and factories need proper corporate health and wellness programs.

Corporate Fitness for the Agriculture Industry

corporate health and wellnessFarmers try their best to avoid the hazards that their workplace bring, just so they can earn a living. The workplace that they go to present potential health risks that can persist even after they have left the place. And this happens to them on a daily basis.

Therefore, whether small or large, corporations must provide proper corporate health and wellness programs that will help in the effective carrying of their employees’ tasks: ensure physical fitness and prevent possible injuries or accidents at work. Besides, occupational injuries and accidents are company liabilities so preventing them should be a company’s utmost priority.

Here are possible aspects where corporate health and wellness can turn out to be very beneficial to many agriculture-related employees throughout the country and the world.

Physical and Mental Fitness

The corporate health company can provide an extensive range of health care services to the employees through many things; such as annual medical and physical check-ups, treatments or therapies of current ailments, and determining and providing maintenance medications for farmers and other employees that need them,.

They can even provide a venue, like a gym, for those who want to work out and exercise. With a healthy body, there is a high chance of less sick days and absences from work. Production can, therefore, be expected to increase.

A well-conditioned body can also lead to better mental fitness which is also essential in the proper execution of tasks and responsibilities. Corporate health companies can even provide a specialist who will determine which employees are mentally fit for work, should the need arise.

Vehicular Accidents

Work hazards related to vehicular accidents are common in the agricultural sector where large motor vehicles like tractors and harvesters are usually needed in the fields. Corporate health can be of great use in preventing vehicular accidents by providing proper knowledge on vehicle operations as well as on what precautionary measures can be taken to prevent injury or accident.

The valuable knowledge that farmworkers learn may save their lives, and can they include the following:

  • Tractors, harvesters, and all agricultural vehicles must be inspected on a regular basis for proper functionality before they are used and operated.
  • Farmers and other operators must be trained on the proper and safe operation of all important vehicles, and must re-familiarise themselves on vehicles that are only occasionally used.
  • It must be a standard procedure to stop the power take-off (PTO) systems when a farmworker dismounts from the vehicle.
  • Precautionary measures to avoid accidents, injuries, loss of a limb, or even death, due to the improper operation of the truck’s PTO shafts should be avoided at all costs.
  • Broken or missing shields should be replaced immediately.
  • Workers should be prevented from wearing long hair or loose clothing which may be easily caught by the machinery which can lead to fatal consequences.
  • No passengers should be allowed in the vehicle during operation.
  • Persons that are not involved in the agricultural activity must not be allowed on site.
  • Shutting down the engine of a vehicle when refuelling must always be observed.
  • A standard hand signal system must be implemented whenever noise or distance prohibits verbal communication.

Hazardous Equipment

In addition to large vehicles, farmworkers also use equipment that can be fatal. These include agricultural machineries, hoes, knives, and other cutting tools. While these tools may seem simple, they also have the capacity to harm or cause serious injuries when improperly used. Here are some important information that corporate health companies may bring for the benefit of the workers.

  • Workers must be required to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and long hairs must be properly tied to avoid possible entanglement by the machinery.
  • All tools, machineries, and equipment should be regularly checked and properly conditioned before use.
  • Power tools should be grounded properly, have double insulation, with the guards or shields replaced if broken or missing.
  • Farms and shops must be properly lit and spacious walkways should be provided to avoid potential injuries due to trips or falls.

Heat-Related Sickness

There are many farmworkers who also experience illnesses due to constant exposure to heat. New farmworkers are put to even more risks because their bodies have not gotten used to the condition of the environment. In this situation, a corporate health company can advise the management to implement proper prevention techniques.

The simplest is through the “Water – Rest – Shade” strategy. Workers must remember to drink water every 15 minutes, even if he or she is not thirsty. They must be required to wear hats, light-coloured, airy, and comfortable clothing. They will need to rest in the shade once in a while. And they must also be trained to always pay attention to their environment and their co-workers in order to quickly respond to situations where assistance may be needed.

Chemicals and Pesticides

Workers in farm factories are constantly exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals and pesticides that can be detrimental to their health, especially when they collectively enter the body through skin contact or inhalation.

Different facilities in agriculture companies process different types of animal species, feed types, or kinds of manure. Therefore, they also pose different threats in terms of gases, particulate matters, pesticides, and chemicals that are handled by their employees. Workers are further exposed to health threats if they wash their hands or bathe in irrigation canals where pesticides and chemicals may accumulate.

Besides the standard procedure that companies must implement to eliminate the risks involved with handling chemicals and pesticides, corporate health and wellness may also aide farmworkers by providing them with experts that will give extensive hands-on training on the proper handling of these hazardous elements. They can provide a more extensive educational training for all employees; from proper labelling of chemicals, to suggesting how company farm or factory can be re-structured to become worker-friendly so that a healthier workplace can be achieved.

Organic Agriculture: ItsImportance to Healthy Meal Plans& Many Other Benefits

Organic Agriculture: ItsImportance to Healthy Meal Plans& Many Other Benefits

The world continues to become more and more commercialised. Every year, advances in science and technology lead to new ways to lengthen the shelf lives of food sources. The major drawback to this is that more types of deadly sicknesses are also created. These, among many others, have led most people to advocate for healthy meal plans. These meal plans are less effective without the aid of organic agriculture.

Beyond its importance to diet plans like a detox diet plan, organic farming and agriculture has extensive health benefits for the body.

Organic Agriculture and Healthy Meal Plans

organic farming - healthy meal plans

Meal plans are designed to give people maximum benefits from the food they eat in a serving that is just enough for a meal. This means that for people who are implementing a diet plan, they will have to stick with measured amounts, without necessarily taking into account the food’s taste and flavour.

Organic farming helps keep the maximum nutrition in foods while keeping its taste and flavour. When used in diet plans, organic farming provides organic foods that will give dieters the chance to continue tasting the most delicious, succulent, juicy, flavourful foods in their most nutritious form possible. Since the taste of organic foods is more natural, it is also more satisfying. This is important in helping a person to feel full and stave off from an unnecessary craving of that“delicious taste” that can be found in fatty foods.

More Nutrition

Organic farming has been proven to provide foods that contain more nutrients than their non-organic or genetically modified food counterparts. Organic foods have been found to have more vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc. These organic foods also contain up to 50% more antioxidant components, which have long been believed to help prevent the risks of developing cancer and heart diseases.

Retain Food Freshness and Taste

Organic farming helps keep food fresh. When food is fresh it tastes better because preservatives that make the food last longer are not introduced. If you are accustomed to the taste of junk foods, MSG, and other processed foods, tasting organic foods will be new to your palate.

These processed foods have an addicting quality that will create a craving in your mouth. So when you introduce a natural and healthy taste from organic food, it will not initially taste that good. However, as you grow accustomed to natural and organic taste you will realise that the processed foods are the ones that really have bad taste.

Absence of Chemicals and Pesticide-Free

Contrary to non-organic farming, organic farming does need require the use of chemicals and pesticides like insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides which are used to prevent insects and pests from eating or destroying the food that is being grown. These chemicals are used in regular agriculture methods and their residues remain with the food that people eat.

These pesticides and chemicals pose serious health issues when ingested into the body. Little amounts of these chemicals are ingested every time a person eats a non-organically grown food. It may not be harmful in small amounts but when accumulated inside the body, it will lead to serious illnesses and diseases which can be fatal.

The primary types of people who are initially exposed to these chemicals are the farm workers, pesticide applicators, and other fieldworkers. These types of people who grow, maintain and harvest crops come in close contact with these chemicals and they bring these chemicals home to their families. There are also pregnant women who work in the fields that unwittingly expose their unborn child to these deadly chemicals.

In organic farming, these people are freed from possible exposure to these pesticides. The people that they come in close contact with them are consequently prevented from acquiring these chemicals because they are never present or are not necessary in organic farming to begin with.

Helps Prevent Food-Borne Sicknesses

Organic foods are not sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. This means that if you eat them, your body will not ingest unwanted chemicals that can cause potential illnesses, or risks of diseases. Your body can obtain a stronger and more energetic build if you consume organic foods. When you have a strong body, you also have a powerful immune system that will help fight against illnesses and diseases.

Safe from Irradiation

Most foods that have been grown non-organically are irradiated to kill the bacteria and other microbes in it to extend the food’s shelf life. The process of irradiation, however, also alters the life force of the food by changing its molecular structure. When its life force is significantly changed, the food also rots easily.

The process of irradiation uses radioactive substances, high-energy electrons, or X-rays which are harmful to the human body and increases the risk of various forms of cancer.

You Can Save With Organic Foods

Technically, buying organic foods is more costly than normally-grown foods. However, you can really save in many other ways. Since organic foods help the body avoid illnesses, you are therefore promoting low healthcare cost. It also helps you avoid missing out on work due to an illness.

Organic foods offer maximum nutrients that will signal the brain to tell your body to stop eating when you are truly full. This is dissimilar to a situation where you eat junk foods and you constantly crave for it, causing you to spend more on food that offer low nutrient value.

Organic foods also do not spoil that easily compared to their non-organic counterparts. So you do save on money because you won’t have to as frequently than with non-organic foods.

Safer for Children & Babies

Children and babies have delicate immune systems that have not fully developed. Their bodies and vital organs are still developing so they are easily susceptible to sicknesses. When you feed them with foods containing chemicals you are also causing their bodies to be easily infected with diseases.

Organic Farming Promotes Peace of Mind

Buying organic foods with all its health benefits and without the unwanted chemicals can truly give you peace of mind for you and your family. If you are planning to undergo a detox diet plan, you can be sure of a maximum detoxification process if you consume organic foods.

Organic farming is also essential for your family’s health. You can take comfort in the fact that every member of your family can eat to their hearts content any organic foods without the need to worry whether they are ingesting unhealthy components or chemicals.

How a Farm and Agriculture Website Can Benefit From Corporate SEO

farm and agricultureAgricultural products are transported from farmlands to households all over the world through corporations acting as middlemen. Food supplies don’t have to pass through online and there’s no need for internet in the fields, barns, or silos, so why is there a need for a farm and agriculture website?

The answer is innovation. We are in the twenty-first century and almost everything has gone digital. Most farm and agricultural businesses belong to a corporation and they deal not only with food supplies as finished products, but they also require fertilizers, feeds, livestock supplies, tractors, and other farm and agricultural products and equipment, which are all available and traded online. As an owner of a farm and agriculture business you wouldn’t want to be left behind by the innovation that has swept the world of marketing called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, would you?

SEO in the Farm and Agriculture Industry

SEO is simply a process that will help your farm and agriculture website to show up better in the results page of major search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, when a website user tries to search for something similar to the products or services you are offering. If you are thinking of unlocking the power of SEO for the agriculture industry there is no better solution than turning to Corporate SEO.

How Corporate SEO Differsfrom Other SEO Companies?

The complex chain of inter-related industries that a farm and agriculture website covers will require not just an ordinary SEO company but through Corporate SEO. At Corporate SEO, any online marketing needs from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporation will be delivered with unparalleled results. They have had a solid track record in the internet marketing for many years now.

Corporate SEO for Farm and Agriculture Websites

Corporate SEO will deliver custom-made SEO solutions that will fit any company’s need and attain a global reach to target customers worldwide; whether the farm and agriculture website represents the whole entity of the corporation and contains a significant number of web pages which requires heavy technical issues or a complex system of inter-related websites that represent various offices around the world for one large corporation.

Even if a farm and agriculture website is already implementing SEO strategies, added help from Corporate SEO can still mean highly significant increase in online visibility and achievement oftangible results. Here are justa few issues that Corporate SEOcan help with any farm and agriculture websiteon their marketing needs:

1. Keywords. Keywords for afarm and agriculture websitearemore complicated and intricate because of the vast niches that it will cover; from types of plants, planting techniques, tools and equipment for growing plants, up to harvesting styles, packing, and even marketing and distribution. Proper planning and execution of a vast number of keywords is essential in the success of an SEO strategy for this industry, and Corporate SEOtotally understands that. They are highly systematic in picking the most appropriate keywords to obtain the highest potential sales.

2. Regular, fresh on-site content. Corporate SEO can greatly help with the online visibility of your farm and agriculture website through their effective technique of producing relevant content for your website, updated regularly.

3. Optimisation for mobile users. More users are viewing websites on their mobile devices than ontheir desktop computers.Let Corporate SEO show you how easy and effective it will be to present your website for optimum mobile experience.

4. Link building strategy. Link building and backlinks generation can be very complex for a farm and agriculture website because of the wide scope that the industry covers. However, with proper planning and with Corporate SEO on your side, everything will go smoothly.

5. Optimise for Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Corporate SEO has designed a highly effective marketing strategy that will target not just Google, but other major search engines as well. Additional visibility through these search engines can also help boost potential profits for your business.

So, if you are business owner of a farm and agriculture website struggling to find your targeted customers online, don’t hesitate to visit A friendly, experienced SEO specialist will be more than happy to assist you immediately. Everyone, from small, start-up companies to large corporations, is welcome to start tasting the difference of Corporate SEO.

Ideas to Help You Start Your Agriculture Business Project on a Good Note

farm tractors mobile car battery replacementAgriculture business is currently one of the most lucrative businesses you can invest your money in. Though the initial capital investment is a bit higher, it eventually pays off big time if managed well. Whether it’s corn farming, sunflower farming, livestock feed production, chicken breeding or wheat farming, you need to have the right farm machinery , distribution channels, processing as well as proper marketing if you’re to realize success in the business. That means you have to put in place an elaborate plan which will help manage the business for greater returns on your investment.

The Need for Agriculture Assets on a Large Agriculture Business

If you’re planning to venture into large scale agricultural production like wheat farming, corn farming or sunflower farming, then you need to invest in heavy duty farm machinery. Since you’ll need to plough a reasonably large farm, buying or leasing tractors alongside disc ploughs, agricultural plough, fertilizer spreader and/or land leveler. Other equipment needed in such kind of project include, agricultural sprayers, seed cleaning machines, manure spreaders, telehanlders, gravity separators, mist sprayers, agricultural pumps, seed drills and more. For easier harvesting, you need combine harvesters and tractors in order to quickly and safely remove produce from the farm.

Importance of Investing In Agricultural Trucks

After safely harvesting your produce from the farm, you need to transport them to the factories or to central granaries. The process of transporting produce can only be efficient and less costly if you have your own agribusiness transportation trucks. If you’re dealing in large production of wheat, corn, sunflower or fruits and vegetables, buying or leasing an autonomous truck to supply the produce to various factories or granaries can be the best option. Since efficiency is the name of the game during harvest time, having a semi-truck and wagon that are adequately sized will help you move the right amount of grain for your operation. Trucks can also be greatly useful in towing farm equipment and hauling heavy load of hay, so their multipurpose nature makes it necessary for you to invest in such large machinery. If you can maintain the machinery well, you can reap off profits from the investment you’ve made in the farm by safely transporting them to your point of convenience.

Determine the Appropriate Capital Assets to Invest In

Different types of farming business have different needs, that’s why choosing the right group of machinery is ideal. And after identifying the assets required for your agribusiness project, you need to find the best funding options for those farm assets. Essentially, you can choose from three funding options for machinery, tractors and trucks: hire purchase, finance lease or operating lease. While hire purchase helps you own your asset while you spread, finance lease will help you enjoy all benefits of owning the assets and operating lease can work to reduce your asset risk and even lower your monthly payments. So based on your budgetary needs to can find the financing option that is more convenient and cost-friendly.

Service on the Farm Machinery

For proper operation of farm machinery and trucks, regular service and repair is necessary. And for purposes of consistency and reliability on maintenance of the machinery, you need to find an experienced company in farm machinery repair to help keep the machines running. Combine harvesters, tractors and trucks particularly need regular maintenance, battery replacement among other repairs. Always choose to work with qualified car battery technicians who can provide efficient and reliable service whenever your battery needs replacement. This means, even if you’re based in country area, you’ll still get efficient and reliable mobile car battery replacement service just in time for your transportation.

Seek For Advice from Experts in the Business

Starting and running an agribusiness project, especially on a large scale, is never that easy; it requires heavy capital investment, greater dedication in management of machinery and farm resources and understanding cashflow issues. Hence before embarking on a large farming project, seek advice from financiers on what to do for the project to be successful. Established financial and asset finance firms will help you understand the challenges in the business you’re about to venture in, provide funding for your farm assets, offer you flexible solutions to control your cashflow, free your capital and give you flexible choices in repaying without any penalties.

Business Succession With Your Agriculture Business

agribusiness succession planningA lot of businesses are available on the market today. Technically, anything can be transformed into a business activity. Agriculture business is one of the major activities in the current world. Many people start out as a basic home farm, then transform it into a major business. With the agricultural business, those involved learn the ways of getting food from the farm to the market, to the table. They specialize in making the farm produce profitable and ensure that there is enough food for the people.

Agriculture and business succession

Many people tend to shift the ownership of their agriculture business to the family. Usually, a family member who is considered suitable and able to carry the mantle of the business will be selected. That is when the business executives go into the succession planning phase. The succession planning helps to find out the right candidate for the top seat of the business and nurture them into being perfect.

Things to consider during the business succession

When you are going through the exit planning, which is the process of exiting the business, you are ensuring that a suitable candidate is left to take full control of the business and make it successful. It is all about leaving the business, but ensuring that it continues, even in your absence. Here are some things to consider when going through the succession planning of your agriculture business:

• Passion of the candidate
Is the candidate in place interested in the business? Even if the candidate looks qualified enough, they must have the passion for the agricultural business. They must be interested in agriculture if they need to get the best out of the business.

• Leadership skills
It is always not all about the age of the candidate, rather, he or she must have the leadership skills. This will prove that he or she is capable of carrying the mantle of the business and take it to the next level. He or she must be able to influence the employees and devise strategies to help them be more productive.

• Exposure
The candidate must also be well exposed and have the perfect networking. This will allow him or her to broadcast the business and help it grow even more. If they have the extra training, it would be better since it is all about developing the business.

Benefits of agriculture business

With Agribusiness, it is not only about making the money. Here, you can be sure of an increase in the food production. The more the business grows, the more the produce they deliver. That will mean that food production will be increased in the long run. There are also new strategies to produce the food, so it helps to utilize the land. A farm will be well used if crops are planted in it. There is also job opportunity created, which is an obvious factor. The economy is also increased since there will be plenty of food produced from the business.

If you want to make your agriculture business successful, you will need to market it as much as you can, so that you can land the right candidate to replace you. You can get online and follow professionals like Craig West. Craig West ASIC is a professional and a business consultant that can help you get tips to make your business a success.

Legal Expertise in The Agribusiness Sector

Australia’s agriculture business scene is growing in leaps and bounds, and with the numerous growth opportunities, lies the need to get sound legal advice. This is critical because like any other sector, the agribusiness industry has challenges that are unique to it. Getting a law firm that understands these challenges not only helps agribusinesses realize and live up to their potential, it also helps manage risk and use it as an effective tool. Discussed below are some of the aspects that call for input from lawyers Sydney.

Risk Management in agribusiness

agribusinessRisk, in itself, is not a death sentence to an agricultural enterprise. For risk to be used as an effective tool however, businesses must seek legal services that will help in risk management. Lawyers will usually advise agricultural entrepreneurs to consider diversification as this not only spreads out the risk, it also ensures that margins are catered for. One of the best ways to diversify agriculturally, is to make investments in different geographical locations as well as grow different commodities. Agribusiness lawyers also advise clients to incorporate joint venture partners for the purpose of assigning risk.

Vertical integration in agribusiness

Vertical integration in agribusiness refers to the growth of an agricultural export business so that businesses not only export produce, but also take advantage of the benefits of value addition prior to exportation. Getting a legal team that fully understands these challenges is critical. Such a team is able to give strategic advice as well as create a conducive environment for ground-breaking initiatives in the agricultural sector.

Land Titling

Land titling is one of the most crucial pillars of a successful agricultural business. Consequently, lawyers hired by such businesses need to advise their clients accordingly as far as land leases and conversions are concerned. This is closely tied to agricultural business contracts and advice that can make or break an agricultural enterprise. In line with land titling, agribusinesses also get to benefit from strategies that touch on conservation and biodiversity techniques from a legal perspective.

Environmental Advice

Owing to the nature of agribusinesses, environmental issues are not far-fetched. This is, in fact, one of the business law products offered by agribusiness lawyers. Additionally, this product also focuses on sales and acquisitions, thus equipping the agribusiness with legal expertise to enable it weather any storms as far as the law is concerned.

Employment code in the agribusiness sector

Employment contracts in the agribusiness sector are key. This is because they govern the terms and conditions of employee code, and help iron out issues such as contract termination, residency, and in some cases, migration matters. This employment code is closely related to workplace safety especially in businesses where the use of agricultural machinery is consistent. Agribusiness lawyers will also highlight the importance of Occupational Health and Safety (abbreviated OH & S) compliance.

Overall, as Australia’s agribusiness scene continues to thrive, now more than ever, players in this industry require legal expertise to manage their ventures. Getting sound legal advice helps such ventures transform their potential to incredible commercial success.

Solar Energy and Agriculture

Solar power can be use in agriculture in so many ways like conserving cash, enhancing self-reliance, and lowering pollution.

The alternative energy solution like solar energy has a lot of uses that if appropriately utilized you can utilize it to create electrical energy for anything or everything. The off-beaten track locations that are not on the grid map discover it challenging to make use of standard energy for devices. In such cases, you can utilize solar power. The off-beaten tracks do not have the supply of electrical energy to utilize the pumps in wells, or in other agricultural devices. There is no limitation to their use, and they are just bound by our visions.

solar panels for agriculture
solar panels for agriculture

Crop and Grain Drying

Making use of the sun to dry crops and grain is among the earliest applications of solar power. Solar drying devices can dry crops much faster and more equally than leaving them in the field after harvest, with the included benefit of preventing damage by birds, bugs, and weather condition.

A common solar clothes dryer includes an enclosure or shed, evaluated drying trays or racks, and a solar battery. In a basic design, south-facing windows let sun into the shed. Other designs make use of a dark-colored box with a glass cover to catch the heat. Natural convection or a fan moves hot air through the crops to dry them.

While the expense of a solar battery can be high, making use of the collector to heat other structures at other times of the year makes it more economical. And little, affordable clothes dryers are simple to construct out of easy products.

At one setup in Switzerland, a farmer included a dark metal roofing system to a hay barn to function as a solar battery, with a fan to draw the hot air through the barn. This got rid of the requirement for an oil or electrical heating system, conserving $4,100 annually in lowered energy and upkeep expenses. Because the farmer did the work himself, the up-front expense was just one-eighth of exactly what an oil heating system would have the expense.

If a farm has a crop clothes dryer currently in place, it might make good sense to set up a low-priced solar heating unit to supplement a gas or oil heating unit. The farmer would save money on fuel expenses while still having the ability to dry crops in cloudy weather condition.

Greenhouse Heating

solar green houseIndustrial greenhouses commonly count on the sun for lighting, however on gas or oil heating units to keep continuous temperature levels. A solar greenhouse utilizes structure products to gather and keep solar power as heat. The insulation maintains the heat for use throughout the night and on cloudy days. To record the most sunshine, a solar greenhouse typically deals with the south, while its northern side is well insulated, with a couple of or no windows. A gas or oil heating unit might be made use of as a backup.